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Maddening: Yeah it is

Maddening – when I must write.  How I can have a million words in my mind, none worthy to say.  An internal dialogue that I can never shut down with no one clear story to tell.  Notebook in hand with a … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: Elevator Pitch from a Stairs Kinda Gal

Today’s prompt: What’s my elevator pitch? (Read: What am I excited about?  What am I building?) I’m a person who loves finding the middle.  The heart.  Of everything.  I love finding it, connecting to it, understanding it and moving from … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: Make it a Double

So I’m hitting two prompts in one post.  The first: What do people thank me for?  And the second: What am I most proud of? This feels so uncomfortable to write about.  Odd.  But true.  Anyways, here it goes. Well, … Continue reading

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LYL Start-a-Blog Challenge: Hopes

So I’ve actually been blogging for a couple of years now but without any real consistency.  For the last year and a half, most of my posts have been reprints of the ones I write for my local yoga studio. … Continue reading

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And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung . . .

I’ve always just kind of hoped I’d find this one great truth about myself that, once discovered, would open me to understanding my purpose.  The more I dug for it, the deeper it hid. I’ve searched for meaning in books, … Continue reading

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Finding the time . . .

The season is changing, back to school.  The relaxed unstructured pace of summer is replaced with buzzing alarm clocks and rushed mornings.  Until I adjust my gait over here to get in stride with fall’s rhythm, it is almost impossible to set … Continue reading

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In my write mind?

I wonder sometimes if I am in my right mind.  Since deciding I want to be a writer, a published one, it is all I can think about.  I found one of my threads from that tangled mess I wrote about … Continue reading

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