LYL Challenge: Elevator Pitch from a Stairs Kinda Gal

Today’s prompt: What’s my elevator pitch? (Read: What am I excited about?  What am I building?)

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search and balance

I’m a person who loves finding the middle.  The heart.  Of everything.  I love finding it, connecting to it, understanding it and moving from there.

How this translates to what I do or what I want to be doing?  Haven’t totally got that figured out.  But here are some things that I get excited about and maybe if I throw it all out there, I’ll get to the heart of my career too.  So here, in no particular order, is what I love that maybe could translate into what I do for a living…

I love healing.  All things healing.  I’m a massage therapist and I love finding what it is my client needs in any given moment.   I love it when I get someone who hasn’t slept well because of stress to snore.  Especially new clients.  To get them so comfortable in a strange place with a stranger, to fall asleep when they couldn’t find that comfort in their own familiar bed.  That rocks.   And I love when I find a spot where a client holds a big ball of stress that has been there so long, they don’t recognize it as an issue.  Until I dig into it.  Wait, that’s not the part I love most.  It is when I get that big ball of stress to melt.  That’s the best.  Also along the healing path, I love herbal remedies, holistic wellness and Ayurveda.

I love conversations.  I love hearing stories and picturing them in my head (though sometimes it leaves me looking like I’m not particularly paying attention as I gaze at the invisible scene playing out.)  It doesn’t matter what it is about.  I love looking at things from someone else’s point of view and looking at things from mine and find joy when I see where they intersect and we talk from there.  I’m one of those people who kind of morphs into the person I’m speaking with – I pick up their mannerisms, their slang, their energy, even their accents sometimes.  I actually get pretty annoyed with myself though when I hear my voice change.  Sometimes when I get self-conscious I worry it reads as insincere but I can’t help it.  It is how I get into someone’s story, how I connect to them.  I speak their language with them.  It is so bad sometimes I can’t remember how I talk.  Do I say WAHter or Wooder when I ask for a glass of it?  I say “wooder”, I think.

I love learning.  About every thing.  If I could be a career student, I would.  I love all different cultures, experiences, religions, modes of thinking.  I’m in the middle of reading no less than 6 books right now.  (I say no less, as some are ones I pick up just for a day for specific answers.)  Currently I’m reading books by Vasant Lad and David Frawley,  Brent Bill and Parker Palmer, Martin Luther King Jr. and Elizabeth Gilbert, and, with my daughter, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Suzanne Collins.  After reading any of them, I think about how I can apply the lesson, the insight, the knowledge in my life.  (By the way, i can see how something like the Hunger Games could evolve and i think it may start with something like the show Big Brother.  “America you decide how we punish the Have Nots!”..  can you see it?)

I love to garden. I love nature.  I love bees and want to keep them (thewayibee – the name of this blog – i have it in my head that when i have it all figured out i can have my hive – but not before).  I love sports, especially baskeball though I never really played it.  I love yoga, both physically and devotionally.  I love the Indian Philosophies, the Shad Duran.  I understand the manifestation of the universe from subtle to gross and love to talk about that.  I love teaching subtle anatomy – energy work from a scientific perspective. I love science.  Mostly when I can take something foreign and abstract and chew it up until I can relate to it in 20 different ways for the 15 different people in my class.  When I teach something well, it is because I learned it well.  And I learn the most about what I love.

So I think I’m a seeker.  I seek whatever I can from each experience, each book, each healing session, each conversation.  I strive to live in each moment, ditch worries and fears (like how to make good money being a professional seeker).  I’ve been working on trusting my truest path will reveal itself.  But man, I’d love to have someone just tell me where my middle is.  Maybe writing is where it is at for me.  Writing knows no bounds.  Well except for maybe those created by vocabulary – but there’s a way around that too, and I love to find it.  One of the biggest thrills I had was getting one of my stories published in a book, Jump and Your Life Will Appear – by Nancy Levin.  I didn’t get paid and my full name isn’t even in it.  It is just a little side story (one that I picked apart mercilessly after it was printed of course!)  But it is printed in a real live book.  I just have no clue how to keep doing that.

So that’s my elevator pitch, I guess?  Um, hope you were planning on being on the lift this long.. heehee..ehhhh.  I think I need supervision.




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