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Healing Journey: Leap ~ Higher Self

March post for the fantastic fam at Nourishing Storm.  Leap on over to their page and see what they got cookin! I want to leap over the split that divides us           build a bridge across and unite us Want … Continue reading

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Maddening: Yeah it is

Maddening – when I must write.  How I can have a million words in my mind, none worthy to say.  An internal dialogue that I can never shut down with no one clear story to tell.  Notebook in hand with a … Continue reading

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On the matter of lives

Fear and Hate Hate and Fear Where there is one The other is near.   One sees Black One sees Blue Can you see me And I’ll see you?   From the same Divinity There is no them There is … Continue reading

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Here in Love

Will you spend your here and now with me? Where yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow, too far away to see Right here and now where there’s only we The only place I want to be Is right here … Continue reading

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Speaking of Fathers . . . This one was Grand

I can envision so clearly my grandfather sitting on the couch.  Me sitting behind him on the back of the couch.  Reaching into his front shirt pocket, next to his eyeglass holder and pen and grabbing his comb.  I would … Continue reading

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Pause for a breath

Every moment I can be reborn. Every moment is fresh and new. The world of all possibilities is before me. If I can let go. Each breath can be taken with an awareness. A breath in can bring health and … Continue reading

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