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Differences and Revolutions

  The last prompts for LYL’s Start a Blog challenge were what difference do you wish to make in the world and what revolution will you lead.  It was sent over a week ago and I don’t know that I … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: Elevator Pitch from a Stairs Kinda Gal

Today’s prompt: What’s my elevator pitch? (Read: What am I excited about?  What am I building?) I’m a person who loves finding the middle.  The heart.  Of everything.  I love finding it, connecting to it, understanding it and moving from … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: Make it a Double

So I’m hitting two prompts in one post.  The first: What do people thank me for?  And the second: What am I most proud of? This feels so uncomfortable to write about.  Odd.  But true.  Anyways, here it goes. Well, … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: What Makes You Angry About the World?

I probably get angry over way too many things but lately it’s the news that gets me most. It makes me angry that violence and hate are, as standard practice, met with more violence and hate.  I get it though. … Continue reading

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LYL Start-a-Blog Challenge: Hopes

So I’ve actually been blogging for a couple of years now but without any real consistency.  For the last year and a half, most of my posts have been reprints of the ones I write for my local yoga studio. … Continue reading

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