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Office Cube Survival

Another of April’s posts for Psychics Foretell.   It is an all too common story.  You are a spiritual warrior.  You strive to be a source of clarity and peace to all around you.  You work on your spiritual game … Continue reading

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This is a test. This is only a test.

Mean people suck.  Twelve year old mean people included. I just started meditating again after taking a little hiatus.  I was surprised how easily I fell back into it.  I thought for sure it was going to take me the … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: Elevator Pitch from a Stairs Kinda Gal

Today’s prompt: What’s my elevator pitch? (Read: What am I excited about?  What am I building?) I’m a person who loves finding the middle.  The heart.  Of everything.  I love finding it, connecting to it, understanding it and moving from … Continue reading

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LYL Challenge: Make it a Double

So I’m hitting two prompts in one post.  The first: What do people thank me for?  And the second: What am I most proud of? This feels so uncomfortable to write about.  Odd.  But true.  Anyways, here it goes. Well, … Continue reading

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