LYL Challenge: Make it a Double

So I’m hitting two prompts in one post.  The first: What do people thank me for?  And the second: What am I most proud of?

This feels so uncomfortable to write about.  Odd.  But true.  Anyways, here it goes.

Well, I’m a massage therapist so my clients generally thank me for helping them get their shoulders a few notches away from their ears.  Friends thank me when I am able to offer an ear, a hug or a laugh (sometimes all three!)

Telemarketers thank me when I reply to their “How are you today?” with “Fine, and you?”  Maybe that one is scripted.  “I’m fine too.  Thank you for asking!” But I did a stint at a telemarketing firm (lol, okay by firm I mean a room with tables and phones – but, for resume purposes, we’ll say firm) and I know most people hang up on them mid-sentence .  So I like to think the thank you is sincere.  Side note:  If I don’t hang up when I hear that tell-tale pause before the line queues to their headset, I make it a point to be polite.  I understand their pain.  It was the only job I have ever totally got up mid-shift, ripped up my call sheet and told my boss where he could stick the shreds.  It was selling chimney cleaning services and the boss used to stand behind people while they were on the phone, not making sales, gesturing like he was cutting his throat.  (Side-Side note: Why do people threaten people by making a gesture of slicing their own throats? ) But anyways, he was behind me at this particular moment.

Cashiers thank me too but that probably is part of the job.  Though when I smile and make eye contact, it does seem like a genuine “thank you”.  So I guess people thank me when I’m being a good human.

As for what I’m most proud of, well, I try not to be proud.  I can get competitive and jealous and it seems to stem from being overly prideful.  Weak, I know.  But honest.  I am proud, though, when people tell me good things about my kids.  Especially people who don’t have a reason to do so.  Like when my teenage son sought out a friend of mine (who my son sees only occasionally and who had slipped by my son to avoid possibly embarrassing him in front of his teenage friends) to say, “What you don’t say ‘hi’ man?” with a smile and outstretched hand.  I know that’s not huge but hearing it was a proud mom moment.  My boy’s a good human!  So I guess my family is a big source of my pride.

Something all my own to be proud of?  Taking the time to write in the early morning hours after doing my daily home yoga practice that I’ve been “going to start tomorrow” for weeks.  I did this with two full hours of sleep time available to me.  And I LOVE me some sleep time.  Felt damn good to do it though.  So good in fact, I’ll just have to thank myself later for it! (insert cheesy joke drum combo here – Bah dum chh)

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Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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