About: the.way.i.bee

the.way.i.bee started as a place to “get discovered” writing.  Someone would read one of my posts and it would speak so purely to them that they would ask to read other things I’ve written and then, of course, they would just publish them for me.  And I figured that, by now (7 years later…), I’d in the midst of writing some novel and I would keep bees on my hobby farm where I’d have a small healing practice that was part of a bigger healing community with plenty of time to keep the rhythms of the seasons, the moon, my home, my garden and my family.  That was the idea.

I had been feeling like a failure on all counts.  Until I took stock.  I don’t have a book published.  But I do have two of my pieces published in books, one in Nancy Levin’s Jump… and Your Life Will Appear (Nicole’s story p.34)  and Kristin Ritter’s Spiraling to Wellness Layer 2 (Healing Herbs p.25).   And I do have a small healing practice in a larger healing community less the bees and hobby farm (check out the Healing page) and I do make time for the rhythms like I hope most people do.  My writing helps me keep time with it all.

So I’m putting some new love into this space and trusting the good will continue grow.  If you like my writing and want me to write for you, please contact me at info@thewayibee.com.

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