About: Blood Thirsty Flower Child

TheWayIBee started as an outlet.  A way to remember how much I love to write.  And somewheres along the line I remembered how clear life can become when I just make the time.

So.  The posts aren’t necessarily cohesive in subject matter; some inward looking, some outward and some just awkward.  But all come from my truth. And this is me. . .

I’m totally pro-peace and love a good UFC fight.  I hate the very idea of television in the summertime but Game of Thrones had me at “Winter Is Coming”.  I find my Inner Calm in yoga but, trust me, my Inner Crazy is firmly intact.  I’m mindful of my words and I love to cuss. I have a reverence for all life but find no mercy for the squash bugs in my garden. I believe farmers are rock stars and I believe that if I eat junk food without anyone noticing it, the calories magically disappear. I wrote a few children’s stories and I wrote a raunchy comedy skit ala the Chappelle Show based on a magazine ad.  (It was a real ad for Summers Eve discussing job interviews??  Just struck me funny…).

Anyways, I want a home that vibes on old school values with a new age mind.  I’d like to reclaim the lost arts of my grandmothers and master the tech side of this blog. (Seriously, I’m clueless.). I love to shoot the ish on the front stoop with friends and to shoot hoops with my people in our driveway. Oh and I am so in love with my people, my family.  And in this quiet space, where I conjure words for my thoughts, I am one with that Love.  And it extends beyond.

Writing brings me out.  It feels authentic.  Each scratch of pen on paper draws me out a little bit more.

And it’s all good. It’s just the way I bee. As I make my way, I’ll just remember to count my blessings and to give countless thank you’s.

So I thank you for checking out my Bee-Loggy!






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