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Fraa-G-lay. Must be Italian

   Fragile.  Like waking.  Or is it the sleep that is fragile?  That moment between where the dream escapes. Fragile like all of the ‘tween times.  Dawn – so quickly broken into day by the sun.  Twilight so easily silenced … Continue reading

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Differences and Revolutions

  The last prompts for LYL’s Start a Blog challenge were what difference do you wish to make in the world and what revolution will you lead.  It was sent over a week ago and I don’t know that I … Continue reading

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Showing My Work: Anatomy of a Post on Desire

The following is a compilation of multiple attempts at finding the heart of my previous post on Desire.  I do this for every post, mostly with themes I struggle finding one direction to follow….  So I figured I’d post the … Continue reading

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Showing my work: 

Breathe deep. Autumn’s air. Same as always. Smokey and thick with a crisp finish.  Same familiar autumn air I would draw in as a young girl. I remember her wild way with this season as I smell  fall’s cologne. That … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11. And wishing.

I wrote this about a week or so after 9/11 but never posted. I thought it may not be relevant but I just read the towers have just reopened for business. So maybe? September 11th just passed. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Why I Dig Yoga.

I see the pose I want to get into. See the flexibility and balance. See the strength and the courage. And I push into it. But I can’t. My body isn’t there. And even more my mind and my breath … Continue reading

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Showing My Work: Marvelous night for a moondance

The mind is always going. Always moving. It moves to the past to visit memories. Moves into the future to visit dreams. Good, bad, whatever they may be, they distract the mind from the present. What are you doing right … Continue reading

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Soul Searching: Your stairway lies in the whispering wind . . .

The second inquiry of the book asks: how do I find that “still, small voice”? Have I heard God in the stillness of my soul? Have I been quiet enough to heed the message? That small voice is the sacred … Continue reading

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Sometimes we live no particular way but our own . . .

I’ve come to the point as a parent where I realize we are all just winging it. Just doing our best with whatever tools we’ve been given, whatever world we’ve experienced. So much responsibility and ultimately so little control. I … Continue reading

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