Why I Dig Yoga.


I see the pose I want to get into. See the flexibility and balance. See the strength and the courage. And I push into it. But I can’t.

My body isn’t there. And even more my mind and my breath aren’t there. They have to move together. My spine, my chakras, my energy all must stay in line. And my body will follow.

I have found and perfected a simpler, transitional pose. A tiny step closer. I probably could force myself into something resembling the real pose. It may look identical to anyone looking too. But if I can’t breath in it or can’t think of anything but “Dear God, when are we moving into child’s pose?”, I haven’t found the truth of the pose. I haven’t connected to it. If I need a prop, I know it is not a sign of weakness like I once thought. Oh the strap of shame, proclaiming my inflexibility to all. It is a tool to help me stay in line while my body releases and adjusts to the pose. It can take weeks, years. And it is only a step. I’ve come to love this slow work.

In this it is like my life. Every day is just another step. I can’t skip steps and advance to anything authentic. I have to do the work. I have to prepare. I have to find balance. I grow into myself, much like flowing into a pose. And it flows when I am aligned. Mind, body and spirit.

Yeah. that’s why I dig yoga. Because it makes me dig.

About the.way.i.bee

Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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