Sometimes we live no particular way but our own . . .


I’ve come to the point as a parent where I realize we are all just winging it. Just doing our best with whatever tools we’ve been given, whatever world we’ve experienced. So much responsibility and ultimately so little control. I can only do my best and do it with joy so my people can do the same.

There’s a whole lotta “if’s” and “might’s” to be okay with in cultivating kids. Growing like little sprouts. Rains settling their roots into the Earth as their leaves reach towards the sun. I can’t make it rain or make the sun shine. But I can drink deeply when the rains do come and bask in the rays when the sun does shine. And from there just have faith in my little sprouts that they will find their way as I continue to find my own. I wonder, what will water their roots deeply and what great light will they grow towards?

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Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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4 Responses to Sometimes we live no particular way but our own . . .

  1. Elisabeth Lysebo says:

    Dear Nikki – from my base in Norway, I just love your thoughts – you are so “poetic”, as we would call it here! To-day (March 4) I am sort of “celebrating” my wedding anniversary (47 years) for the first time on my own – lots of memories lots of tears. Keep up your good work as mother and wife! Love you! Elisabeth

    • Thank you Elisabeth. I imagine there is also lots of love and I am sending you some more. I will hold you in the light today in hopes you find peace and beauty in your memories. Love you too!! Nikki

      • Elisabeth Lysebo says:

        Spail 2011 – good memories – We’ll keep in touch – Would like to meet you all in NEAR future – HERE or THERE ! 🙂

  2. Elisabeth Lysebo says:

    Misspelling: Should be SPAIN 🙂

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