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Healing Journeys: Embrace ~ Heart Soil

Last of 2017’s posts for the Nourishing Storm community.  Go see what’s new and good over in their neck of the woods. I sat with my soul in the midst of its storming once. I went deeper inside, to the eye in … Continue reading

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Feel the Music

The following is a quote by my nephew.  Today is the first anniversary of his passing.  I know his soul lives on, I feel it every now and again.  Hear it.  See it.  But I can’t see him in body, … Continue reading

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Healing Journey: Leap ~ Higher Self

March post for the fantastic fam at Nourishing Storm.  Leap on over to their page and see what they got cookin! I want to leap over the split that divides us           build a bridge across and unite us Want … Continue reading

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Fraa-G-lay. Must be Italian

   Fragile.  Like waking.  Or is it the sleep that is fragile?  That moment between where the dream escapes. Fragile like all of the ‘tween times.  Dawn – so quickly broken into day by the sun.  Twilight so easily silenced … Continue reading

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On the matter of lives

Fear and Hate Hate and Fear Where there is one The other is near.   One sees Black One sees Blue Can you see me And I’ll see you?   From the same Divinity There is no them There is … Continue reading

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Showing my work: 

Breathe deep. Autumn’s air. Same as always. Smokey and thick with a crisp finish.  Same familiar autumn air I would draw in as a young girl. I remember her wild way with this season as I smell  fall’s cologne. That … Continue reading

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Here in Love

Will you spend your here and now with me? Where yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow, too far away to see Right here and now where there’s only we The only place I want to be Is right here … Continue reading

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Soul Searching: Amazing Grace. How Sweet the Sound

Grace is found in being present in the moment.  When we are mentally still in time.  Where we are okay and we know it.  Neither the future nor the past is in our Sight.  Our eyes see only the right … Continue reading

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