Ommm Be: Sacred Space

Last theme post (with slight rework) of the year for the beautiful brave souls who share their wonderful journeys with the world at Nourishing Storm.  I found new inspiration in feeling my gratitude for the sacred space they’ve created where the whole community can find themselves.

We must open ourselves to life.  Accept its gifts and lessons and allow them to work their way through us. A softening to life’s wild ways.  It is our softest self that holds the power to be with any moment and give it our love.

This is the key to living in harmony with the universe.  It truly is.  Bringing our love to each and every moment.    And the softness I speak of, it is like a space.  A soft space that offers us the grace to tune in with ourselves.  It brings an ease to our minds, a kindness to our hearts, a mindfulness to our speech, a certain wholeness.  It gives us the quiet courage to be ourselves in a world we cannot control.

We practice creating this space when we pause and sit with our Truth.  The world has its way of pulling us.  It lures our energy, our attention to places that rob our moments of their full potential. But when we root into the sure ground of what is true, we grow towards the truth.  We glimpse it in the quiet pauses in life. And practice finding it in meditation.  In that stillness the heart whispers its dreams to some great beyond that whispers back, “I am not beyond, I am within”.  We practice to come to this understanding.

We all need to pause sometimes.  In blissful moments, we pause to give thanks and go on enjoying.  And in chaos, we pause to take a breath.  To gather our fragmented minds and center within our hearts.  To connect with our timeless souls always there waiting.  We pause to invite the soul to reveal its infinite wisdom, to shine its light on what darkens our perception in the moment.

And then we listen.  And we understand what needs to be done to stay open.  And this truth radiates through us illuminating the terrain before us, and we see the path that the soul wishes to travel. . . inspiration.  All this in the space of one mindful breath. . . respiration.  It is no coincidence.

Then we bring this back with us to the present moment. Where we are now open and connected and can allow our spirit to touch our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

We find it much easier to smile in this space.  To laugh.  To play with this life.  To be our truest selves in this life.  And to do so in the present moment, our presence is the key.  It is so simple.  We need only be here.  Now.  Wholeheartedly.  In body, thought and spirit. Staying soft enough to make room to be inspired. To find joy. With gracious and grateful hearts, we stay open to this life.  This life that is ours to lead, ours to make what we want of it.  We need only to choose our direction then go forward with love. Confident, brave and true to our hearts.  We go.  And we be who we were meant to be.

My truth said to me ~ Do not waste your precious time imagining moments that do not exist or circumstances you do not own.  Do not be robbed of your own presence in your life.  You do a disservice to the world when you are not authentically you in each moment.  The divine force of life that drives our evolution already gets to play through all other souls through time.  And right now it longs to feel your experience, to express through your soul.  To show you the beauty that has been created through that expression and get to experience it a whole new way through your eyes. Do not deny this life your bliss.  Do not deny another living moment of your presence.  Be with the moment and be freed from time.  Be open to life and life will open itself to you.  Be ever aware of your heart’s song and always ready to dance.  Be your best and be yourself, for you are the only one who can.

About the.way.i.bee

Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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1 Response to Ommm Be: Sacred Space

  1. maria domene says:

    this beautiful prose radiates true Being. thank you for sharing. i am full of Love & Light for you…

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