Ommm Healing Journeys: Activate ~ Way Opening

Here is one of last year’s theme post for the yoga and wellness community at Nourishing Storm.  Go find out what’s new and good.


I’ve been trying to activate new pathways of thought. I’ve been in a mental rut. And when my thoughts slip outside the loop, I get lost in the wilds of my mind.

There is so much beauty in wilderness. And so much terror. And all life moves between the two.  Trust and fear. I’ve noticed my fear became a normal pattern of thought for me. It became my natural circuit that kept my thinking small. Fear kept me coming back to my loop. But the beauty kept calling.

So how do I begin to make pathways to this beauty? First I must trust. Trust that things that speak to me in ways that only Spirit understands are not invalid simply because I can’t explain them. I have to give weight to my soul’s voice though it speaks out of turn with the world sometimes. And so I have.

However, my thoughts still try to access the same old landmarks and still stop at the imaginary fences between what I dream and what I allow to manifest. I sit in wait for the new ways to light up and have felt frustrated that it doesn’t just start happening. I see through the distortion of fear. I understand the false narrative that keeps me running in circles. When is the new way going to open up for me?

I have been sitting waiting on something to flip the switch. I thought that I just needed to decide I wanted to break through the limits and by some magic a new road would appear and all my new superpowers in thinking would come alive. But I just realized, it doesn’t work that way.

Inspiration to change my mind can fall on my lap out of nowhere. Inspiration can fly in on the winds. But changing had to come from within. And the new paths just might magically emerge once I make my decision to step off the old ones.  But I still need to take the step onto the new.  Activation is deliberate. Only I can flip this switch. That power is mine alone. And it is about time I use it.

Coordinate on Love, calibrate on Truth and activate your Faith in the way of your soul.

“There are mythologies that are scattered, broken up, all around us. We stand on what I call the terminal moraine of shattered mythic systems that once structured society. They can be detected all around us. You can select any of these fragments that activate your imagination for your own use. Let it help shape your own relationship to the unconscious system out of which these symbols have come.” – Joseph Campbell, Thou Art That

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