Potentials and Possibilities

An old post for the peeps over at PsychicsForetell.

Every time I read, I find fuel to take a new adventure.  I just recently read The Golden Compass for fun.  Its been a while since I read just for fun and I love this series.

Anyway, my mind seems to always finds something to chew on when I read, even when its just for fun.  And The Golden Compass had plenty for my imagination.  The entire concept was a pleasure to envision and easy for my mind to grasp despite the fantastical world it created.  But my mind eventually fixated on one idea in particular.

There was a part in the book where the birth of an alternate world is explained.  It used the example of how when you flip a coin, there is an equal chance for the coin to be heads as there is for it to be tails.  When it lands on tails, the chance for it to be heads just collapses.  But in that same moment, the same coin also lands on heads.  In that moment, two realms of possibility became two separate worlds.

That is a big idea to swim in.

Is it plausible?  I can’t get to a concrete answer but I can’t shut the door on it either.  The idea and all that surrounds it is fun to consider.  Here’s where my mind goes.  If I flip a coin, there is equal potential for it to land on heads as there is for tails.  So in other words, an equal potential energy is there for both outcomes.  So when it lands on one side, the other side’s energy goes where?  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.  If it lands on tails, the potential energy for tails is fulfilled.  But where does the potential energy to land on heads go?  Does it go back into some collective of potential energy ready to be dished out by some universal opportunity pump?  Does it become unlatched from the object like some kind of free radical until it is attracted by some other possibility in a new moment born?  Or does it actually manifest too and there is an alternate, unseen world playing out on a different dimension within the same space we currently occupy but at a different frequency?   Yeah, that last bit sounds crazy.  But there is plenty in existence that was once considered just as crazy, I’d bet.  To be sure, the possibility of another world playing out infinitely holds as much potential in my mind as any reasoning behind human existence on Earth.  So why not consider, what if?

Either way, I have decided the imagination muscle is just as important as any other to workout.   And regardless of alternate universes, I find each moment is pregnant with potential.  In each moment, one possibility will manifest in my life.  And just as it manifests, a brand new set of possibilities will also be born.  And so I believe it will be with every moment, on and on forever.  An infinite movement of potential and possibilities.  And isn’t that all life is?   Just a big swirl of potentials and possibilities perpetually expanding and collapsing and expanding again?  In my mind, that potential drives the flow, the magic, of life.  As long as there is life, anything is possible.

What do you believe happens to untapped potential?  Does it move on to someone else?  Does it play out in some other world or some other way only to come back to us in some other form?  Or does it just channel itself into some new possibility, some new direction in life?  Maybe a combination of all three depending on the situation?  Or none of the above?  Please feel free to share in the comments below.


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