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Ommm Simplify: You Be You

September’s theme blog for the gang at the Storm.  Go see what they have in store for the community this fall. When I think of simplifying my life, I think purge and purify.  Purge my life clean of what I no longer need.  Take on no more of what I do not want.  And purify that new found space by filling it with things I love. Simplifying my life, however, won’t necessarily make it uncomplicated.  Life is complicated by its very nature.  Always shifting, always in motion.  My simple life will be busy and active no doubt.  My shift towards simplicity is more subtle; a bit deeper than shedding activities or junk from the closet.  I do not seek to make life less complicated. Life it what it is.  Rather I intend to make my response to life less complicated. First, much like tackling my closet, I will organize my mind.  Get it aligned with what I desire to do with my life.  Discard the thoughts and their patterns that block or confuse my path.  And train my mind to seek out the thoughts and patterns that can lead me where I want to go.  Practicing my brand of simplicity  will require diligence and discernment.  Lord knows this world isn’t always steady and neither am I. But I figure if I allow my mind fertile ground to cultivate only positive thinking, my response to life can only be positive.  My thoughts, quite simply, are the seeds of all my words and actions.  With my mind well acquainted with my higher self, and organized in such a way that I can access her quickly, I am more likely to answer any difficulties with … Continue reading

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Ommm Laugh: Gracious Divine

August’s theme blog for the fabulous folks at Nourishing Storm.  Go give them some love!   Laughter is a peculiar thing. A rare and precious gift. Out of nowhere, or maybe out of the greatest somewhere, comes this vibration that makes your … Continue reading

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Ommm Smile: Reflection of the Soul

July’s theme post to kick off the second half of the year with the beautiful community at Nourishing Storm.  Visit the Storm and see what everyone is smiling about.   “I smile like a flower not only with my lips … Continue reading

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Ommm Allow: No Simple Highway

Latest post for Nourishing Storm’s monthly theme blog.  See what those fantastic folks at the Storm are sharing with the world this month! As we begin to answer Life’s call within our hearts of those undeniable Truths of who we … Continue reading

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Ommm Cultivate: Root Down and Rise Up

Newest post for the fantastic folks at Nourishing Storm.  New season brings new classes and foods to the Storm.  Go see what’s new and good here. I awaken now to Spring. I shake off Winter’s dormancy. The spirit of this … Continue reading

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Ommm Illuminate: Sunlight Splatters Dawn with Answers

Newest post for the awesome tribe at the Storm.   Visit their site to see what’s new and good!   My Truth said to me: Illuminate the dark corners of your soul. Those places you found within yourself in your … Continue reading

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Showing My Work: Anatomy of a Post on Desire

The following is a compilation of multiple attempts at finding the heart of my previous post on Desire.  I do this for every post, mostly with themes I struggle finding one direction to follow….  So I figured I’d post the … Continue reading

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Ommm Desire: Know Your Heart

Here is February’s Nourishing Storm theme post on desire.  Go see what all’s doing over at the Storm. My view on this month’s theme is conflicted. Desire. It drives me towards my goals. But one of my of spiritual goals … Continue reading

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Ommm Listen: In Silence the Heart Speaks

The first of 2016’s posts for the Nourishing Storm blog.  This year, I’m trying something new.  In hopes of a more organic development of a personal yogic practice, I am finding out the theme only when I hit the month … Continue reading

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Ommm Resilience: The Way of the Willow

Monthly theme blog written for the awesome folks at Nourishing Storm. This month’s theme was written last month where the anniversary of a great loss influenced my thoughts on resilience. This post is dedicated to the memory of Gavin Wolfe and with love to everyone still bending in the wake. Continue reading

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