Ommm Listen: In Silence the Heart Speaks

The first of 2016’s posts for the Nourishing Storm blog.  This year, I’m trying something new.  In hopes of a more organic development of a personal yogic practice, I am finding out the theme only when I hit the month it is in.  I’m hoping this will bring both a new depth to my practice and allow me to connect with the theme without looking to build to the next – connect in the present.  I may soon post some free writing on the themes as a behind the scenes look into the making of each post….  Stay tuned…  And in the meantime, check out Nourishing Storm’s site to see what these magic beings are up to.


I’ve decided not to make a resolution this new year. Resolutions are too stiff, too do or don’t do, too black or white. There is no room to grow or flow inside them. Instead I’ve decided to make this a year long practice. Make this a year of action.

This new year, in lieu of a resolution, I am setting an intention for my practice. My intention is to center myself and my actions on unconditional love and see where it leads. I strive to approach each new moment with an open heart and a centered mind. To follow the light in my life and allow room to accept the love life offers.

My very first step in this practice is to listen. To listen more softly, without my own thoughts molding what I hear. Listen without judgment. I will listen so that I may be more pure in my response. Listen compassionately so that I will have no cause to regret an ill spoken word.

I plan to tune into my intention every day – at least once, hopefully more. But I give myself a little grace because I know how some days can be. So long as I am mindful more often than not, I’m good with that. I will choose not to dwell on my shortcomings but appreciate my growth.

I’ve been listening to my old doubts and fears long enough; I’d like to hear from my authentic loving self now please. I’m looking to expand my faith in this Higher Love, because I know it exists. When I sit quietly enough, I can hear it. When I listen for the love in each moment, I speak, I act, and I live with more love. Plain and simple.

Only love whispers sometimes and can easily be lost in the day’s noise. And love only speaks the truth, which quite honestly isn’t something I always want to hear. It may not always be easy, but I know I can never go wrong choosing love. So that is my intention. Listening openly to everything that is said and unsaid, with a tenderness for whoever is speaking including myself.

This is just the very first step. To listen for the underlying truth spoken in each moment. To listen to my own truth in each moment and go on from there. To forgive myself when it leads to a less than stellar moment on my behalf. Because it will happen. Lord knows it will happen.   Maybe I’ll have a moment when I’m feeling angry. I may stop and check in with my inner truth and, yep, still angry.   I may even have a few choice words to say about my feelings. That’s okay. This isn’t a make it or break it kind of deal. This is only the first movement towards manifesting my intention of cultivating the love in my life. And when it comes time in my practice, I’ll work on responding. But for right now, I’ll start with listening. As Paul Tillich wrote, “the first duty of love is to listen”. I’m all ears.

I invite you to join me in setting an intention for a year long yogic practice. Letting the themes and poses of each month build upon each other and become a flow for a daily practice. Establishing a daily routine where you can reconnect to your intention, whatever it might be. If you have trouble deciding on your intention for the year keep it open and listen for bit. The wisdom of your heart may surprise you.

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