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An older new year post for 2018 for the good people at PsychicsForetell. Just in time for spring 🙂

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I’m sitting here on the first day of the lighter half of the year.  The beginning of the waxing phase of the sun, the day after the shortest day of the year.  Seems appropriate to turn my mind to the new year ahead.

Winter still firmly holds me.  I’m not done with the less active phase but with the shift in the sun’s energy, I have to honor that things will be growing again shortly.  Seeds that lay dormant need to be cultivated.  All the darker truths I found in the waning half of the year will need to be allowed to fall and amend the soils of my soul to support the new growth ahead.

Now is still not the time for action but it is certainly the time to envision what action I will take to grow healthy and strong in the sunshine ahead.  I used to believe this was the time to make resolutions.  But I found the very idea of resolutions to be too rigid.  Instead I set intentions for my year.  Two years ago, my intention was unconditional love and compassion.  Last year was integrity.  The universe obliged by giving me some of my most difficult tests that rewarded me with finding some of my deepest truths.

I will not say I’d like to go through any of it again but having an intention gave me a way to frame all of what occurred in my life and keep a grounded perspective.  I found patience, a trait I thought I completely lacked, as I looked to cultivate unconditional love in my life.  I also learned the necessity of boundaries and the healing grace of self-compassion.  Then I applied my new lessons as I discovered what living a life with integrity looked like for me.   I learned how to work, how to love and how to lose with integrity.

I sit now reflecting on the path I’ve traveled.  And I sit thinking how I’d like to travel in the upcoming year.   And I am drawn towards the intention of authenticity.  I wish to make this year about living authentically.  I have accepted myself which has allowed me to be accepting and compassionate towards others.  I faced some very difficult truths about myself and the world and found a way integrate them into my whole being.  I seek now to allow these new truths to be made manifest in my life through the authentic expression of my ever-evolving self.  I know we are here to shine our own unique light, to share our own unique gifts and tell our own unique stories to the best of our abilities.  And so that will be my intention this year.  To live my life as an unfiltered, flawed and still-growing being made up of my own blend of stardust and mud.  To walk in truth and let my life speak of my travels.  Unapologetically and authentically me.  And I’d be honored if you would join me.

Please join me in setting intentions this year.  Take some time as we still sit dormant in winter’s embrace to reflect on the changes that have occurred in your life over the last year and choose the view you would like to hold throughout this coming year.  Like the beginning of a yogic practice, set an intention to center upon and when the poses that follow get uncomfortable, come back to your center and move again from there.  See if and how that changes your perspective on any struggles you face and how it adds a richness to any triumphs.  This practice has helped me to stay true to my journey and the universe always seems to let me know when I stray from my path and when I’m heading the right way.  It is my wish that this practice may also be of benefit to you.  Brightest blessings for a beautiful, wonderful, wild and magical 2018!

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