Tracing Constellations

One of May’s posts for the stargazers over at PsychicsForetell.  

I’ve only recently begun to study the science of the stars.  I used to kind of think astrology was, well, a little hokey.  Most horoscopes I would read were so vague it could apply to anyone reading.   They were pumped out for everyone in the newspaper.  How could I believe every Virgo in the world was going to have a rough day and every Libra would receive great news?  I just never connected to it.

Then one night I was standing outside staring at Orion’s belt.  The sky was big that night and I saw more stars than I had in a long long time.  I was using Orion’s belt to find Sirius the way my seafaring grandfather had done before when my mind became as clear as the sky.  I thought, how can there not be something about the stars?  Some kind of divine system, a key to understanding the cosmic intelligence that keeps this whole magnificent show going?

In that moment, something just clicked.  I connected.  I started thinking about how we can use the moon and stars to tell the time.  Our star, the Sun, by day and all the other stars in our sky by night.  We can tell the season and name the month by the positions of the constellations in the sky.  We can count the passage of months by the phases of moon.

And the moon is so close, its motion creates the tides.  And while the moon’s light may only be a reflection of the Sun, it is the moon’s position in the sky determines just how much of that light gets to shine upon us in the dark of night.  The Sun, our Earth’s prime source of energy, creates the Earth’s environment.  And it does so all within the tight tolerance of heat and light necessary for all this life, as we are currently experiencing it, to exist.  How can there not be something to the primal dance of the stars across the sky?  How can the moon’s waxing and waning with the ocean’s ebb and flow not also have a pull upon us?

So what do I think now of astrology?

Well, I don’t think it is hokey.  That’s for damn sure.  Everything exists in just the right balance to keep this material world together.   It all must move in such a  precise way for this fixed space and time to stay materialized.  And if I had spent as much time as the ancients staring at the play of the cosmos instead of a television, I might truly understand how these energies affect us, individually and collectively.  And I might actually then fully innerstand how the energies that were at play when I materialized on this earth have shaped my receptivity and reactivity to the ebbs and flows of the energy around me now.

I know the study of the stars is much deeper than words printed “for amusement purposes”.  I also know that statement is a disclaimer for some astrologists and a true representation of others.  And that’s fine.  It isn’t just for entertainment any longer for me though.  Things are starting to come together.   In the clarity of that night, I found a sincere reverence for the order of nature and a deep thirst for new information that will connect the dots.  And now I know where to look to quench it.   Up.

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