In Response: Ignorance and Addiction

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In response to a comment on an article  about addiction, since I do not have Facebook I cannot reply – so if someone could link this guy (and anyone else who feels the same) to my reply:

Still raw with grief from the loss of a young man I loved with all my heart and soul, a big piece of me wants to scream: Shut your mouth you ignorant, insensitive F**K!  You have NO idea what you are talking about!

But that’s just it.  You have NO idea what you are talking about.  So let me tell you.  This dialogue is long overdue.  It would seem your soul, in all its journeys, never had to learn the lesson that leads to this particular type of compassion.   A compassion for people lost within their addiction.  It’s difficult to learn.  I pray you don’t have to learn it the way too many others have.  I pray you don’t have to find it as you hold your writhing child in your arms until the dark force passes, praying to see the  light shine in their eyes again.  I pray that you don’t have to learn the hard way that no one we love is safe just because we love them.  The dark side has taken some of the best.  We all have reason to grieve in this.

We are all responsible – our society as a whole.  With a drug store on every corner, with drug companies running our insurance and our insurance deciding what our doctors prescribe.  Legal pushers.  With all the ads on television telling us there is a pill for all of our pain.  They even tell us it may kill us, but ask your doctor if it’s still right for you.

Do you remember how painful growing up felt at times?  Well they got a pill for that now too.  And it may lead you to a needle.  And the needle, it will probably be your end.  But maybe its still right for you?  You see how it works?

Does this sound like a disease of someone who doesn’t want to live? To me it sounds like the disease of a society that doesn’t know how to live with pain.  We can’t keep denying this truth.  We can’t keep shaming the victims of our collective disease.  We are all infected in some way.

Do you get it now?  I truly hope you do.  But if you still haven’t learned compassion and the flood should come to force you from your shelter, I still pray someone has that compassion for you and yours. And that you won’t have to read some ignorant comment in the wake of your grief.  And most of all I pray that your comment and the stigma it perpetuates doesn’t keep someone else from getting help.

Thank you for your time.

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2 Responses to In Response: Ignorance and Addiction

  1. Sue Bradbury says:

    Your pain is so vivid, as mine was when I lost my son. No one can really comprehend the suffering caused by the drug culture we are entrenched in until they lose someone. My deepest sympathy to you. I once was told by a life long friend, who is also an addiction counselor, “you didn’t cause it, you can’t control it, and you can’t cure it.” It helped.

    • Thank you Susan. It is a hard compassion to learn for many. And I truly pray people can find it without this pain. But we all need to find it so we can discuss this and heal this epidemic. I will hold you and yours in the light, in my heart and in my thoughts. And thank you again for your words. 🙏

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