Just breathe . . .

Life is just so busy . . .  I can barely hang on to a thought sometimes.  I stop to catch my breath.  Or actually feel my breath.  Focusing all of my attention on its rhythm and finding that peace that is so elusive at times.  In that quiet, thoughts flow freely, without direction or dissection.  These thoughts hold no weight, no burden of action.  Worries and deadlines that preoccupy my mind can loosen their grip.  I breathe in much more than air.  In each breath I remember I am well and I am grateful.

About the.way.i.bee

Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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1 Response to Just breathe . . .

  1. Teresa says:

    I love you Mrs. Savage!

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