A Word to Those Who Wish to Lead Our Nation – Divided We Fall


Here we are just days away from the election.  Not a single one of you has taken office and yet most of you have already made decisions that have weakened our nation.  The choices you have made in your campaigning have crippled us all.

The mere mention of the election sends us, ALL of us, into fight or flight mode.  Attack or avoid.  Neither are good responses to the issues facing our nation.  These responses are inspired by fear.  The fear you have created as you bombard us with all your messages of hate for each other.  You who are to be our nation’s leaders, our legislation, and, seemingly forgotten by you all, our public servants.

Our votes are supposed to be our votes of confidence in your ability to do the job.  Instead, you have made it a vote of protest against your opponent.  What kind of cussed up leadership is that?  Spending all this money to infiltrate our homes and try to scare us with the horrors of your opponent instead of inspiring us by telling us what you hope to do and why.  What we see is that you can’t discuss a topic civilly and openly when faced with an opposing view.  And you hope to lead us to a better place?  HOW?

Regardless of who I support, I will be one of your constituents.  I do not agree with any single one of you on all the issues, probably like most of us somewhere-in-the-middle-of-conservative-and-liberal folks.  When your opponent speaks about their opinion on a subject, you are responding to us all on the matter.  So show us all a bit of respect when you speak!  Somewhere down the line you got it twisted that this is about you.  It isn’t.  It is about us, all of us together.  It’s best you start remembering this truth!

And here’s another wake up call.  We aren’t electing you to bitch and moan on our behalf.  And that’s about all you will be able to do if you can’t figure out how to work together.  How do you expect to work well with the people you are bashing?  Half the people you are personally attacking and insulting right now will be the people you have to work with to make your change.  I’m sure you will work real well together now that you all have displayed so much contempt for each other.  Way to go!  Good job jerks!

Tell me it’s not too late to turn this ship of fools around!  Stop talking about how you are going to act once you get the job and and start acting like someone worthy of the privilege.  Do you really wish to strengthen our nation?   Quit exploiting the cracks and tell us how you plan to mend them!  Stop showing us how to tear each other apart and start recognizing those you mean to serve!

You are working for my parents.  You are speaking in front my children.  Be mindful of that!  You are representing my hometown, my home state, my homeland.  You are working for ALL of us.  Do you understand that?  If you win, you will be representing your opponent as well.  The way you treat each other is a reflection of the way you will treat us all.  Act like you know!

Ridicule, fear and hate don’t get us where we need to go.    If that’s the only way you know, you won’t solve any problems.  You’ll be one.

So I ask you this:  If you get elected, can you drop the party line?  Can you do the right thing just because it’s the right thing?  And the right thing is not what serves your ego, not what looks good for future elections,  not what gets a few of you ahead while leaving most of us behind.  Can any of you put aside your differences, work together and get it done?

If not, please just take your ball and go the cuss home.  If you can’t see we are all on the same team then we, the people, don’t want to play with you no more.

About the.way.i.bee

Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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