Ommm Play: Dance of the Divine

June’s post for the frolickin folks over at Nourishing Storm.  Go check out what happiness they have growing this season!  


“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” ­ Heraclitus

You are an exquisite expression of the Divine. Whatever creative force, whatever energy that became the moon and stars, has also become you. A unique being of light, spontaneously sparked to life, made to shine upon the world with your own rays.

You have been created to experience life in the way only you can. That alone is what you live for – the experiences of life. All of them. In your own skin. Through your own mind. From your own heart. With your own soul.

When I speak of the Divine, I speak simply of universal Love and pure Bliss. The greatest creative forces I can imagine at the highest frequency of being. These forces, I believe, are moved by life seeking life – life seeking to be experienced in every possible way through each one of us. You and I are here to allow this higher love a way to manifest in this world.

Some may call this your life’s work. But finding your bliss can probably be more accurately called your life’s play.

To most honestly embrace this purpose, you must approach your life’s play with the intensity and sincerity of a child. Engage with the world in a way a child would. With a soft and permeable heart, with an innocence and pureness, guileless and open in the way only a child can be. You will find Bliss and Love in life when you are in your playful skin. Seeing life through your playful mind. Responding to life from your playful heart.   And walking through life with your playful soul.

There are times when you are stuck when you would be best served by asking yourself, “What would a child do?” Like a child, you must meet life in the moment, for truly life only abides in the present. Adults forget. And like a child, you must sometimes suspend reality and allow every possibility in the universe to exist. You must play. Conjure adventures and build a million worlds never questioning if it could truly happen. Like a child, remember how infinite life is and know these worlds already do exist. Just as real as the world you live in. The one you have the grand and humbling opportunity to experience now as only you are meant to. The one that begs you to come fully into your own playful expression of the Divine, as I beg you too. Who are you and I, after all, to deny this Love its time to play?

A playful practice can lighten the weight of the world you carry. It is perhaps the greatest responsibility you have to yourself, making space for laughter and joy. Play with the rainbows, sing with the stars, dance with the shadows, and skip with the sun. Create the space for your soul to shine, the way only it can. All else can wait. The moment is calling. Will you come out to play?

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Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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