Ommm Abundance: Love is What I Got

Here’s the latest blog written for the wonderful folks over at Nourishing Storm.  Besides offering the community a place to get your yoga on, they will be offering up smoothies, juices and sammies you feel good about eating at their new cafe on Oct 24th!


Lately my practice has been focused on power and balance. Writing about these two themes over the last two months was really difficult for me. Probably because these are two themes I struggle with in life – my power and my balance. With so much transition and change in my life lately, it has been hard to keep my balance.

I had finally worked up enough courage and strength to take a chance on myself. I discovered my true power when I made the executive decision to be my most authentic self and live accordingly. I decided to follow my truth and not apologize for it or make excuses or feel selfish when the change made waves in my life.

In the moment of exercising my power, without knowing, I changed my entire life. And when the reality of that change hit, I fell down hard. It’s like I disturbed the forces. But when I was getting tossed around in the waves, I realized I finally had grabbed the oars and I needed to start steering!

So now I’m steering my ship and in all the confusion I notice I had lost my bearings. I didn’t have my sea legs on and I couldn’t find my balance. I needed to stop looking for the shore I hope to land on and just be in the boat I’m in. Stop, rest, restore. Center myself back to what I do know and not what remains out of sight. Ground into my new digs and adjust. Balance. Simple as that. And the crazy thing is, during every chaotic moment, I had access to this practice. I had the ability to stop and sit in my new skin and the new space I created.

But these chaotic moments didn’t feel good, I didn’t want to sit in my boat. Maybe because my boat was filled with all the people I drug on there with me and they all wanted to know where I was taking them. So instead of being present in my boat, I set my focus on where I was trying to go. But I didn’t know where I was. So I panicked. I started focusing on all the things I needed to get on my boat to make everything okay. Thinking out all the next steps and how things will be alright once I have this, this and this. But I didn’t take stock of what I already had.

Here, through it all, I see I had all I needed. I just didn’t have an abundance of faith in my new self. But in the end, it will be that faith that brings me abundance. I see that now. Abundance is all perspective. When I can view the present moment and have faith in my changed self who is only now coming to understand her power, when I have that, I am already living in abundance.

The freedom of allowing my heart to be open in any situation, acting from my centered self even in times where I want to hit fast forward, and accepting who I am as I am is the greatest gift I have given myself. I know I won’t get it all right. But in the quiet moments when I am alone with my thoughts, I’m cool with the company I keep. And that’s plenty enough for me.

Check in with yourself daily. Think of three things you are thankful for each day. Somes days you may just be grateful the day is over and you survived. When you start to look for these things to be grateful for, you begin to cultivate an eye for the beauty in the world which in turn feeds your heart and keeps it open. Take stock of what you have in life – your truth, your strength, your love. Know what you have, you have in abundance.

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Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader. . . Words are my mind's tools; writing, my soul's craft; this circus of life, my heart's muse.
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